Make Your Photos Look Professional – Learning Digital Photography!

The key to learning digital Photography is a relatively uncomplicated oneÂ…you simply have to comprehend that it is largely identical to as film Photography. Once you truly get that – the remainder is mostly a snap.

You will discover just 2 major differences between themÂ…

First: There is a difference in how light is recorded. Nowadays we utilize a digital sensor where traditionally light was captured on film.

Second: We finish up with our photos on a digital memory stick instead of film. So this makes it viable to view our shots right away rather than awaiting the area one hour lab to process and print our shots. We simply down load the pictures from our memory stick and into our computer.

The traditionalists amongst us believe that film still creates a greater photograph, but with all the recent scientific developments in digital – only a very discriminating eye can tell the difference. And only then if it is enlarged to a tremendous size.

So when you come right down to it, in learning digital photography we still really need to follow the essential steps we’ve always taken:

Find out how the shutter speed impacts our pictures and when to apply a fast one or perhaps a slow one to achieve our creative goals.

Next we have to grasp the f-stop settings and the way they artistically affect our pictures.

After these principles are under our belts, then it is time to study light and the way to manipulate it to turn a colorless unappealing setting into one which provides the jaw dropping „wow“ factor into our pictures.

Toss in some study of and practicing the various poses and we will have all the abilities we need to shoot outstanding pictures – whether film or digital.

At this time in our growth, we see the most important advantage of digital over film photographyÂ…simplicity in manipulation.

Retouching and photo manipulation is an important area in the imaginative progression and digital makes this effortless for anybody! It was once exceptionally hard to produce alterations and retouches on film but currently, a few minutes in any basic photography editing program – and we can ALL seem like professionals.

So the key to learning digital photography is not being too concerned with the fact that it’s digital – it’s only a storage medium – learn the basics of excellent photo techniques and you’ll do all right.


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