Great Food Photography – Tips And Tricks From The Pros

Food Photography can be a tricky skill to master. Not only should you understand the complexities of your camera, but you’ll need to work on styling your food and prepping it for the occasion. Food stylists can spend days preparing for a single meal shoot, buying 200 heads of garlic to find three that are picture perfect. Here are some tips and tricks from the pros for food Photography that will make your mouth water:

Experiment with all of your angles – different types of food look good from different angles and not all food presents at its best looking down at it from a 45 degree angle, even though this is how the plate arrives at the table. Make the most of your zoom lens – get up close to capture the textures of the food and let your audience feast with their eyes.

Work efficiently – it’s a good idea to work quickly before your dishes start to wilt, dry out and go limp as time passes. Take advantage of the fact that your subject matter won’t walk away from the shoot, so spend some time readjusting the scene and moving things around as often as you need.

Food style goes a long way – spend some time setting up your shot and how you will present your cuisine. Style your food to look its best by presenting it on white crockery and set the scene with a relevant background. Consider incorporating ingredients into the composition and make good use of cutlery and utensils.

Know your equipment – with digital cameras, you can take as many photographs as you’d like and edit or trash shots you don’t want. Play around with the settings, like adjusting the white balance on EOS cameras to brighten up the colours of your food and to make dishes look more appetising. Use macro settings to show off textures.

Cheat – professional food stylist use a number of cheats to make food look more appetising and photograph well. A bit of water spray can liven up the look of everyday vegetables or use mash for ice cream that won’t melt. For the fresh out of the oven steam, microwave some water soaked cotton balls and place them behind your dishes.

Practice your food photography often. You can take photos of beautifully meals at your favourite restaurant or cafe and get a feel for how plating and how to style food to look appetising. With the right styling and experience, even the most boring takeaway container can be made to look like a gourmet feast.

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