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External Hard Drive Corruption: How to Recover Photos on Mac Machine

Are you experiencing problems while mounting an external hard drive on your Mac machine? And, are you unable to access photos stored on it? If your answer is a clear Yes, then I am afraid to say that your external hard drive might be corrupt. Don’t panic…. Read >

Recovering partition data from NTFS file system when the MFT gets fragmented

The MFT (Master File Table) is a repository in the NTFS file system that keeps the record of all the file data including file name, creation date, access permissions, and contents, etc. To view any type of information related to the files, you can refer t… Read >

Tired of receiving strange iPod errors due to failed sync processes? Solution is here

Ben Colgate was upset. He had a bad experience with his newly-bought Mac iPod which subjected him to great inconvenience. While he tried uploading new content onto his iPod, he got restricted by the appearance of an error message. Due to the error message… Read >

How to fix ‚The iPod could not be updated because the firmware file was corrupt‘ error

Have you encountered an error message while updating your iPod with Mac computer? One one hand, updating an iPod is an easy procedure, on the other, it is one task which can make you go crazy with frustration. Wondering how? It has been observed that many… Read >

Causes and resolutions for corrupt partition in Windows XP

Disk partitioning is referred as the term that is used to divide the hard disk into several (at least two) logically separated storage spaces, called partitions. These partitions are useful in many aspects such as creating separate space for user files an… Read >

Solutions of Memory card issues and photo recovery

Digital cameras have become indispensable today. We completely rely on them in order to preserve memories of our special events of life. And, with the availability of advanced and affordable cameras, the passion for digital Photography has been soaring in… Read >

<a href="http://kmadhav.articlealley.com/how-to-resolve-stop-0x0000007e-in-microsoft-windows-1665586.html&quot; title="Read: How to Resolve “STOP: 0x0000007Eâ€Â


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