Wants to be a Model

Youngsters may not admit it, but deep inside every young male and female wants to be a model. A career in the field of fashion modelling can be financially good since it can offer a model with several opportunities so that the model blossoms into a well k… Read >

Posing Techniques in Fashion

While a person takes snaps of fashion glamour models, the zigzag body-line can be found in sitting and kneeling positions. This zigzag changes can change from any point of support that is being used. The supported figure makes use of different body parts … Read >

<a href="“ title=“Read: Glamour Photography and Make-up“>Glamour Photography and Make-up

Many people are of the notion that glamour modelling is all about make up and clothes. Some others think about it connecting with nudity or titillation. Still some others consider it as a style of lighting embedded in photography. Anyway, these things hav… Read >

Fashion and Modelling Trends Affect Us

It will receive unanimous acceptance when one says that something that is beautiful or desired is bound to have an enormous effect on the people’s lives; whether they are conscious about it or not. Just take some time out to think of all the people you sa… Read >

Avoiding Catwalk Mistakes

A majority of fashion models get a lot of money just to parade on the ramp; but this is not fashion or modelling is all about. When they are in the act of modelling for a fashion item, say clothes, they are simply showing off the fashion clothes they are … Read >

Modelling World and Fashion Business

Fashion modelling industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today. Most of the people that are interested in this area do not know that an average person with ordinary looks also can have a space within the modelling business domain. Man… Read >

Fashion Modelling for the Aspirant

A lot of individuals, male and female, the young and the old, test the waters in the field of modelling to make a career out of it. It can range from anything from high fashion like swimsuit modelling to commercial print modelling. Millions of people belo… Read >

Becoming a Professional Model is not Very Easy

A model is not just another pretty face. The world of fashion and modelling is extremely competitive and at times very gruelling. There is certainly no dearth of beautiful faces and bodies in the modelling world. So, in order to succeed in this field, you… Read >

Attending Fashion Shows

For many, having a great time means going to a party; for some others, it is just about being left to themselves and watching one of the latest movies. Still, for another group, they simply want to spend time reading some books they like. Even so, for a p… Read >

Teenage Models and Opportunities

The world of fashion and modelling had not been thrown wide open to aspiring children or teenagers who wanted to make a career in the modelling industry; but most of the things are changing for the better. With the coming on of the internet and an increas… Read >

Searching For Teenage and Child Models

Today, companies are in the hunt for models by making use of online model listing services. Child models of both the sexes are in elevated demand. Some well known companies are leading and showing the way in bringing up modelling talents of all age groups… Read >

Pursue a Career in Modelling and Fashion

If you often dream about pursuing a career in the modelling, it is time to make your dream come true. With the right kind of approach and efforts, you too can become one among the fraternity of professional fashion models. The lessons learned while workin… Read >

Fashion Poses and Use of Hands

Unique and attractive poses are vital in the production of fashion photographs. The action and gestures of the model is significant in substantiating the expression one wishes to convey. The gestures of models are usually vibrant and reveal the exact char… Read >

Commercial Modelling is Lucrative

Most of the advertisements feature good looking models, but not highly gorgeous people. This is how a majority of the commercial models look like. TV commercials, catalogues, billboard ads and the common place commercial advertisements make use of the ser… Read >

Where Can You Find the Latest Fashion Trends

People of all age are into fashion these days. Globalisation has brought tremendous change in the way we look at ourselves. From food to clothing everything has changed. Is it for good or bad? Well that debate is still going on. We are not here to talk ab… Read >

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